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Signature Series 2 Premium Pack (Amari)

Signature Series 2 Premium Pack (Amari)

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Each pack comes with 1 signed, holofoil Signature Series 2 card.


Signature Series 2 setlist:

Hanhona, Hand of Origovi PSR SS2-001S
Otto Wilhelm, Meddlesome Mind PSR SS2-002S
Gaia Stone, Knowledge Quest PSR SS2-003S
Free Spirit, Amari Gold PSR SS2-004S
Heart Of The Fathoms PSR SS2-005S
Katya Noaya, Glacial Apprentice PSR SS2-006S
Drawn Heavens PSR SS2-007S
Aashini Stormwealth, Kyuubi's Fury PSR SS2-008S
Dawnsphinx PSR SS2-009S
Lillith Of The Labyrinth PSR SS2-010S
Amethys PSR SS2-011S
Phantodon PSR SS2-012S

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